Roberta's Las Vegas Real Estate Blog: The True Picture of Las Vegas Real Estate - Something you may need to know.

The True Picture of Las Vegas Real Estate - Something you may need to know.

This is actually for any real estate, not just Las Vegas, and for any picture. The question becomes, is what you're seeing real or are you distorting the image? It's something that both home buyers and listing agents might need to check.

Now I know that some of the Las Vegas Multi-list home listing pictures are very good, but as I've posted before, some are pretty bad. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. So a good picture says 1000 good words and a bad picture...well you get the idea.

The Las Vegas MLS photos also are displayed resized, appearing as thumbnails and enlarging to a maximum of 512 x 400 pixels. Some end up being even smaller, and with today's larger monitors they almost look like a postage stamp.

Especially where dark images are concerned, that reduction in size can make them appear even darker. The 400 x 266 night shot of MGM's City Center from my Picasa Las Vegas Pictures below was done as a panorama, and the cylindrical bow was intentional for an artistic look, something that you wouldn't want to do with listing pictures. You'll see that the image in the small size appears dark, but if you click on it for the larger images, I think you'll see that you wouldn't want it much lighter.

From Las Vegas, NV

Now if the above picture looks exceptionally dark, or light and washed out, the problem may be on your end. You might need to calibrate your monitor. Doing so will give your images a standard to go by. This makes it better for editing, viewing, and even printing you pictures.

Some editing and imaging or display software have monitor calibration built in. For those that don't have it, you can do some quick visual adjustments of your display settings. For accurate colors you'll typically want your monitor set at the color temperature of 6500k for making adjustments. Below is a color bar with grayscale. See if you can distinguish the subtle changes in the blocks. You may need to do this in a darkened room and give your eyes a moment to adjust. The darkest blocks have only a very slight change. Also note that the block on the bottom right is solid black, there won't be any variation.

color bar for checking monitor calibration

If you can't see the shades of grayscale, there may be some simple adjustments you can make to correct the situation. You can try some online sources with instructions like Photo Friday or here at PhotographerUSA.

Of course all monitors will have some differences in their displays, just as you'll see when you walk into the TV section of an electronics store. Still, by calibrating your monitor as close as possible to standard, it will help keep everyone on the same page for both editing and viewing pictures. For listing agents it offers the potential to better present the home, and for home buyers not passing by a home because the images didn't look quite right.

Also keep in mind that you may want to change your settings when not working with photos should it produces a more personally appealing general display, or less eye strain


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Comment balloon 3 commentsRoberta LaRocca • January 15 2009 03:25PM


Patrick: Glad to pass it along. It's fairly simple to do, but can make a difference in your images.

Posted by Roberta LaRocca, REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507 (Simply Vegas Real Estate) over 11 years ago

Good post Roberta! I know I screwed up some pics because of this. I wondered why they didn't print the way they looked on my screen. Know other people that have done the same. Set up theirs for videos or games and not for pictures. Hey and you used my favorite pic of City Center. Using it for my screen wallpaper!

Posted by Bob over 11 years ago

Bob: Thanks! I've also run into this a few times. Some of the MLS pictures make me wonder if they were good shots that may have been edited too light or dark because of monitor settings. Glad you're enjoying the new Las Vegas wallpaper!

Posted by Roberta LaRocca, REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507 (Simply Vegas Real Estate) over 11 years ago