Roberta's Las Vegas Real Estate Blog: Las Vegas New Homes, Resales or Foreclosures - Why You Need a Buyers Agent - Part 1

Las Vegas New Homes, Resales or Foreclosures - Why You Need a Buyers Agent - Part 1


Part 1 of a Series


Mandalay Bay Luxor Las Vegas West Valley to Summerlin 1920x1080 Background
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The image above may look like just a shot of Mandalay Bay and Luxor Las Vegas, but if you click on it for my 1920x1080 HD screen background, you'll see thousands of rooftops behind them. That is just a sliver of the Las Vegas Valley, only one section to the west. While Summerlin takes up 22,500 acres on that side of the valley, and to the north and south of this shot, it only includes an area closest to the Spring Mountains. There are so many other communities lying in between.

Yes, Summerlin, Green Valley, Rhodes Ranch, Tuscany Village, MacDonald Highlands, Anthem, Aliante, Madeira Canyon, Mountains Edge, Inspirada, Providence, Centennial Hills, Sun City, Lake Las Vegas... these are just several of the better advertised, or commonly mentioned community names that I'll often hear when contacted by a client. They've 'heard', either online or 'asking around' that these are good areas to buy or live. While that may be true, the Las Vegas Valley covers approximately 600 square miles, and these communities represent only a small portion of the area.

While they are great master planned communities, there are questions that need to be answered for the individual home buyer's benefit. "Is it is a good place for them to live or invest?" "What best fits their budget and lifestyle?" "Do they prefer select access to work, schools, shopping, recreation, highways, airports?" "Do they want something with an urban, suburban, or more rural residential feel?"

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered, and where having a knowledgeable REALTOR® as your buyer's agent is invaluable. Real estate, whether buying for your own home or as an investment, isn't something that fits well into the self service / DIY category. Sure, there may be a few who can defend themselves in court, or perform their own surgery or dentistry, but I think the vast majority would much prefer the services of a professional on their side. :)

For the home buyer or real estate investor, the services of a Buyer's Agent are typically paid for by the seller, with rare exceptions. This makes it pretty silly to go it on your own or use the 'advise' of others that don't work in the industry on a day to day basis.

While Las Vegas has had nearly 40 million visitors a year, the majority don't know much about it as a place to live. As far as that goes, I've met numerous people living here that don't know exactly where they live in the Las Vegas Valley, let alone what lies beyond their own realm.

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I recently worked with an investor from Tel Aviv that found this to very true. He fell in love with the beauty of Lake Las Vegas, and it's Mediterranean style. He was shocked when he asked opinions of it from various workers around town, from hourly to management levels, only to get typical responses of "I've heard it was nice." "WHAT?" He exclaimed, "They've never been there? Even if they don't live there, they must visit it, it's gorgeous!" I explained to him that this isn't really that unusual, that often people develop their own circle of work, neighborhood, and recreation, and don't often go much past it. While that is true in most areas, Las Vegas has so much to offer, it's very easy to miss so much of what is 'hidden in plain sight'.

The Lakes Las Vegas Lakefront Homes Roberta LaRocca REALTOR
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Even though he had been a regular Las Vegas visitor over the years, especially since he had lived in California for some time, he was still surprised by what I next told him. There are other lake front communities in the Las Vegas Valley. There is also an orchard with pick your own fruits and vegetables. Snowboarding, skiing, and sleigh rides at Mt Charleston, just 45 minutes or so away, and an amazing array of recreation to be found here. His reaction to these and my other surprises was similar to the reaction I get from so many Las Vegas locals and visitors...."What? Here in Las Vegas?"

Lake Mead Boulder Basin from Boulder City, NV
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I've at times been surprised by what I've seen written online, even from media sources, that could give one the wrong impression of Las Vegas. Just one simple example was a local journalist, blogger, and podcaster that has become known for his accuracy and objectiveness in his writing. He was shocked to see a NV Dept. of Wildlife ad at the airport to promote fishing in Las Vegas. He commented something to the effect of... 'Who comes to Vegas and says dang I should have brought my pole, and can't you think of better places for a fishing expedition than this land of manmade catfish stocked lakes."

While I don't fish, I do know there are manmade urban lakes, that are stocked with trout. There's also the largest manmade lake in the country, Lake Mead, just next door. You can see just a portion of the Boulder Basin in the picture above, and that's just small piece of the over 500 miles of shoreline the lake offers...and holds an estimated 15 million fish, nearly 10 million believed to be striped bass, along with largemouth and smallmouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, crappie, green sunfish and rainbow trout. As a matter of fact, the very first Bassmaster Tournament was held at Lake Mead in 1971.

Yes, when you know that they've pulled some large fish, like this one, from the lake and the Colorado River below the dam that flows into Lake Mojave, you might just be saying 'Dang, I should have brought my pole'. At the very least, you might want to Google fishing Las Vegas, NV for gear, bait, charters, guides, and more. A lot to be found in these parts, even if some don't see Las Vegas as a fishing destination that it is.

So why are details like this important to a Las Vegas home buyer or investor? Simple....PERSPECTIVE. A buyer may not consider purchasing a home with extra garage space or parking if they're lead to believe there's no fishing or boating to be had. It would be a shame for them to find out afterward and say "Dang, I wish I had that space." For the investor, it may be difficult for them to see any potential marketing value in a home that has that extra parking and could possibly offer them and edge on competition of other rentals.

Local information of all types and valley wide is what a good REALTOR® can provide. As your Buyer's Agent, I become your source of the whats and wheres of Las Vegas, in addition to valuable statistical market information and transaction procedures. As a Nevada permitted Property Manager not only I can offer those services, but lists of vendors I've used that may be handy for your new home. It's this service and experience that will benefit you, by provinding you with the facts you need to know to make your best home buying decisions.


Part 2 of this Series - Buying New Las Vegas Homes, Resales and Foreclosures


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Comment balloon 8 commentsRoberta LaRocca • April 17 2010 12:46AM


No one going to an area they do not know should go there without and experienced Realtor

Posted by Elite Home Sales Team, A Tenacious and Skilled Real Estate Team (Elite Home Sales Team OC) about 10 years ago

Hi Roberta... You make a solid case for why folks looking to buy in Las Vegas need a REALTOR.

Hope you are well.  Tell my pal Sparky I say hi!  :)

Posted by Steve Shatsky about 10 years ago

So true, know how the money flows, and work with a Pro. Roberta able to but a bet on roulette table for me, just kidding..Like staying in the New York NY

Posted by Randy Dodd, ePro, GRI, TAHS (Rosanna's Realty) about 10 years ago

Hello Roberta and a "Great" Post and you really hit home with this one and I have featured it at one of my favorite groups at Activerain ........


Bumese Bob aka Vegas Bob

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz about 10 years ago

Hi Mark & Tim, True, newbies should, but unfortunately the multitude of internet listing sites often creates the impression that real estate buying is self-service. That can be a costly mistake, for any number of reasons, from the where to live to the complexity of the market and the contract negotiations. The best self-service search they can do is to find an agent that they feel comfortable to have working with them. Even for locals, who may not know what lurks in their own backyard, be it communities or area amenities.   The journalist I referred to in the post has lived here for 14 years and covers a wide range of local and regional business and tourism for various local, national, and international publications. His employment requires him to go out and research stories in the area, not work in an office or hospitality setting. Yet he thought it 'weird' for Vegas to be a fishing destination, when it sits next to the largest man-made lake with an estimated 15 million fish, the Colorado River below that and a second lake, Lake Mojave. Might even explain why there's a rather large Bass Pro Shop attached to the Silverton Casino in the middle of the valley. If he could miss the connection with all his travels and interviews, it's easy to see how he or others could overlook just about anything.   Fortunately when I moved to Las Vegas, I had the benefit of having my DH as a guide, who was very familiar with the area. To be honest, even though I had made multiple visits, I had no idea of what all Las Vegas had to offer until I had his introduction.    

Hi Steve, Thanks, I try. :) It can be so confusing for a client calling with their 'list' of homes and having to tell them they aren't available. The news accounts add to it, leaving the impression that there are tons of homes available, when inventory has been shrinking. While roughly 20,000 homes listed for sale, only around 8,000 or so aren't under contract as of late.   I am well, but busy, and hope you are, too! I'll be sure to pass along the hi!    

Hi Randy, Yes, buyers do need to know where the money flows. Never want to 'assume' you're getting the best deal. Speaking of deals, now is the time to visit Las Vegas, some incredible bargains out there. Of course, visitors are going up and I just heard the summer rates are creeping up slightly due to pent-up demand, so you might not want to wait too long. Here's a little teaser shot of NYNY for you.    

Hi Bob, Thanks for praise and the feature! Not as much time to blog these days, so thought I'd do this series when I had slight pauses in the action. Hope you're well and surviving this hectic Vegas housing market.


Posted by Roberta LaRocca, REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507 (Simply Vegas Real Estate) about 10 years ago

Your very welcome Roberta and breath-taking photos, I am jealous!

VB ;-)

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz about 10 years ago

Thanks Bob! Glad you enjoyed them...and it make me think you'll like my next post of the photo additions to one of my websites.

Posted by Roberta LaRocca, REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507 (Simply Vegas Real Estate) about 10 years ago

I will take a look and keep up the great work!

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz about 10 years ago