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ActiveRainers or Home Buyers - Las Vegas Real Estate Agent's Tech Tip for You


Since you're here at ActiveRain, it's safe to say you at least have computer access. You may also be among the growing numbers of households that have multiple computers and a home network. Personally you may even have more than one computer that you use...desktops, laptops, or a combination of the two.

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If you're a PC user, you may have different versions of Windows. It could be that some software runs well on XP and not so well on Vista, or vice-versa, and so you run it on different machines. Then there are times that you might want to transfer files or pictures between computers. Of course you can do that across the network, but you still may have to swap out machines, keyboards, and mouse.

Well there may be an easier way. It's a free program for personal, non-commercial use called
Input Director. You simply download and install the program to your multiple machines, and after a simple setup of master and slave or slaves, and designating the position of the monitors, you're good to go. Now, by just using the master computer keyboard and mouse, you can transition between your machines and even multiple monitors.

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As the mouse curser moves off the master screen in the direction of the slave, it seamlessly reappears on the slave's screen with the little wave effect you see here, that can also be turned off. Once the cursor is on the other monitor, your master keyboard and mouse can now be used on the slave computer.

But wait! There's still more! Instead of transferring files over the network, you can now copy on one machine, and with a simple sweep of the mouse to the next monitor, paste to the other, as the program has a shared clipboard.

Wired or wireless, desktop or laptop, you no longer have to get tangled or wear out the carpet switching between computers. You can be doing processor heavy programs on one, while you surf on the other. That can be handy for any number of applications, including using online help, tutorials, troubleshooting, or simply typing notes into a word processor on one while you house hunt on another. If you don't want the mouse to transfer screens, a simple right click of the icon in the taskbar, and with one more click you can turn it off. The same to turn it back on again.

So if you're a multiple PC computer user you may want to give this program a try. It might just save you some time and aggravation. If you like it, there is a Paypal donate button on the home page.


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Comment balloon 2 commentsRoberta LaRocca • March 25 2009 04:13AM


Roberta that is AWESOME! I have XP on my PC and Vista on my Laptop. I always had to wait for network discovery for them to connect. It was sometimes easier to use a flash drive to move files. Plus I can run both without swapping them out. This is just super! Thanks for the tip!

Posted by Bob over 11 years ago

Bob: It is a pretty cool program, and much more efficient and easier to stay organized. No thanks necessary, just glad to pass it along!

Posted by Roberta LaRocca, REALTOR®, Broker, Salesperson, NV. Lic BS.507 (Simply Vegas Real Estate) over 11 years ago