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Las Vegas REALTOR® forecasts Minus 5 Las Vegas

Minus 5 Las Vegas Mandalay Place

That's right, expect minus 5 (Celsius) in the desert oasis of Las Vegas, Nevada by late September. With the bright sunshine and current temps hovering around triple digits Fahrenheit, you might find it hard to imagine, but it's true. It's part of a chilling trend that began in New Zealand, spread to Australia and touched in southern Europe. Now it will be entering the US for the very first time.

Las Vegans and visitors alike don't have to worry about abandoning their shorts and flip-flops. All those exposed to this arctic blast will be furnished with parka, gloves, and sheepskin lined booties...and even a life sustaining beverage, for a mere $30. These preparations will help you to adapt to the shimmering iced-blue environs you'll soon have to endure.

OK, so just what the heck am I talking about? Well, it's the unique Minus 5 Ice Lounge Las Vegas that will soon be opening in Mandalay Place, the 310' skybridge retail corridor between Mandalay Bay and Luxor on the Las Vegas Strip. The 2000 square foot lounge is not only chilled to -5°C (23°F), everything from the walls to the furniture to the hand made sculptures, and even the glasses, are entirely made of ice. For an idea of what it's like, check out this YouTube video of Minus 5 Sydney.

You can enjoy the blue beauty of the ice while sipping one of their specialty ice cold vodka cocktails, or 'mocktails' if you wish, and enjoy the reflected ice light and the hand crafted sculptures that are replaced every 6 - 8 weeks. The ice is the purest to be found, imported from Canada for it's crystal clear quality. The artesian water to make the ice glasses is from New Zealand, and are imported in their frozen form, to minimize their environmental footprint in the desert.

There's even more 'green' tucked away in creating this blue ice experience. The environmental controls that not only produce the sub-freezing temperatures and low humidity for comfort, use monitored amounts of power. Minus 5 also supports conservation in general, and will soon be adding it's own 'Adopt a Penguin' program here in Las Vegas and beyond.

Of course Las Vegas is known for weddings, and what better place for those that may suffer from 'cold feet'. The Ice Chapel will be a one of a kind in Las Vegas nuptials and provided through Mandalay Bay Weddings. From 'ice pews' and colorful 'stained ice windows', to 'ice candelabras' and their many sculptures, it will provide another unique matrimonial setting. Brides will be outfitted with an elegant fur trimmed white satin cape for the romantic ceremony.

So soon there will be a new place to 'chill-out' in Las Vegas. Ahh, but you might enjoy a place to get toasty before returning to the desert. That's why in October they'll be opening the Minus 5 Lodge next door. A rustic pub with open hearth, it will have ironwood beams, riverstones, and leather seating to create a warm decor themed after arctic explorers. The natural furnishings will include artifacts from these famed adventurers, as well as from ski huts of old.

This is yet another of the bonuses of living in Las Vegas, with so many forms of entertainment, and entertainers, right in your back yard. The valley is a draw for so many firsts and unique projects large and small, that creates even more jobs and opportunity. I guess that's why so many relocate here, or invest and build in Las Vegas' future.


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