Roberta's Las Vegas Real Estate Blog: January 2008

Sparky of Fabulous Las Vegas

I know I have mentioned  my diving Jack Russell dog, Sparky.  I am finally going to officially introduce her. She lived in an abusive situation for several years before she came to live with us about 4 years ago.  She is 8 ½ years old and full of fun!  She has some issues from the abuse but is a very happy, spoiled, little girl now.  She had a health problem about a year ago. She had a cancerous tumor removed from her hind leg, but  has recovered from it nicely. Unfortunately, she does have to have surgery this Tuesday to remove her anal gland because it keeps getting infected.  The vet says it should be an easy procedure and will correct the problem.


Sparky loves anything that involves play.  In the summer, we swim together everyday and her really cool trick is that she dives to the bottom of the pool to retrieve toy torpedos.   We don't really think that she likes to swim because she never just goes into the pool unless there is play involved.  She will dive on to my kids and their friends if they are being wild and if they are under the water too long, she will try to "rescue" them by digging with her front paws (while still swimming) and biting their hair to get them above the water. She is lots of fun and very entertaining.  Of course, she reminds me everyday that it is time to go into the pool.  This summer, we finally bought an underwater camera so that we could capture all her tricks.  Make sure you check out the you tube video. It is amazing!  



In the colder months, when we can't use the pool,  we take her on long walks through our neighborhood or in the park.  At the park, she likes to look for the ducks in the pond and she loves to chase the birds.


Every evening, after dinner, we have a game of balls that we play where we keep 2 balls away from her by throwing them back and forth, similar to monkey in the middle (with her being the monkey).  When she gets the balls, she keeps both and we try to get them off of her.  Again, she reminds me when it is time to walk or play with the balls.  She has me well trained.


Since we moved to Las Vegas from Pittsburgh PA, we have lots of friends that come to visit.  Everybody is entertained by Sparky and wants us to send them pictures and videos of her.  So, my husband put together a website for Sparky and also to answer everyone's travel questions about Las Vegas.  Sparky has gone global with her website!  Seems that it is unusual for Jack Russell to dive under the water.  We almost had a plane full of Japanese tourists come to visit Sparky, but their trip got cancelled.  I'm not sure how our homeowners association would have felt about us conducting a show in our backyard!


I hope you enjoyed the videos and website of Sparky.  We have lots of fun with her and love to share her tricks with everyone.  She is a very special dog and she knows it!


If you are interested in relocating to Las Vegas or would like information on Las Vegas real estate, please email me  or call me at 702-354-8988.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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